, the simple, yet effective to-do app.

With the Christmas holidays coming up, work which takes up a lot of my spare time and my personal life being fully booked, I noticed over the past few weeks that I really needed a decent to-do app, preferably on my phone.
I stumbled upon a couple of sites which made comparisons of several apps, and there was one which came out on top in a lot of lists…

While there are many well-known apps such as Wunderlist, Todoist, Google Keep or even plain old tasks in Outlook, they all have some sort of downside *. Since didn’t seem to suffer from these downsides, I decided to give it a go.
All I needed the app to be able to do was quickly add a task, and be able to postpone a task until later on. That isn’t too much to ask from an app, right?


It supports iOS and Android, syncs smoothly between devices and platforms, can handle recurring tasks (although its recurring options are a little lacking), timed and location-based reminders, and gets your day started with the “Moment,” a short review of everything you have on your table for the day. It also tries to keep your to-do list from getting overwhelming, and really shows you “today,” “tomorrow,” and “later,” so you don’t get overwhelmed by dates and times. It handles multiple priorities, and it integrates nicely with Cal, the calendar app from the same team.

Suppose you’re hard at work and don’t have time to pick up your phone and add a task? No problem, just send an email from the email address you registered with to and voila, it appears in your to-do list!
There are tons of other cool features too, such as replying to a phone call with an SMS when you don’t have time to answer.

* : Wunderlist is not free of syncing issues, Todoist is free of charge but you have to pay for certain essential features like notifications, Google Keep does not support iOS and Outlook wasn’t an option since my tasks aren’t syncing on my iPhone.


I’ve only been using for a couple of days now, but I have to admit it does make my life a lot easier. It reminds me at the right times of the right tasks, without the need to spend hours setting it up. I’ll be using this app daily in 2015! is available for iOS, Android, Chrome, Chrome app and as a WebApp.

Article by DeBroin

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  1. Well, it kind of depends how you plan on using a ToDo-list.. If you’re more into Getting Things Done, then something like “Remember the Milk” is insanely awesome, smooth and lightweight. But I do believe that, in order to have a full sync with the mobile app, some purchase is needed..
    Also worthwile to mention would be the HabitRPG: It’s an app that gamifies your ToDo-list (makes you “getting things done”).

    Me, I use my Google Calendar actually.. Have 2 extra calendars (ToDo – when you can / ToDo – URGENT!), so I can easily create tasks for a specific calendar.. The syncing of this calendar with all Google appliances (including my Android smartphone) and the reminders that Google Now makes for you are awesome!

    Oh, and one little correction:
    “It reminds me at the rights times of the right tasks” –> “It reminds me at the right times of the right tasks”
    (no s needed after right before times) 🙂

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