Use Windows 8 for free during nearly a year using this legal hack!

Did you know that Microsoft offers people a 3-month trial version of a full Windows 8/8.1 enterprise? Yes they do! You can get it right here.
But after those 3 months, then what? Well, there is a (legal!) way to extend this period by another 3 months. And then again and again once more!

How does it work?
Microsoft allow you to ‘rearm’ your Windows installation by following these steps:

  • Install a Windows 8 or 8.1 Enterprise Pro (get it here)
  • Open a command prompt as administrator (keyword: administrator! I cannot stress this enough, don’t open a command prompt, but open an administrator command prompt!)
  • Type the following command: slmgr /rearm
  • After running the command, you should see the following:


pit_20121106104819Don’t forget to restart your computer afterwards.
As I said, you can use this command for up to 3 times, which allows you to use a Windows 8 version for almost up to a year!

The slmgr /xpr command in the screenshot below lets you see the date on which your current version will expire, while the slmgr /dli and slmgr /dlv commands in the screenshot below let you see info on the license.


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