About me

Who am I?

It is I, DeBroin

I'm a 31 year-old IT guy, living in Belgium, in a small countryside town between Ghent and Brussels.
I'm passionate about everything IT, multimedia, mobile, and social networking.

Why this blog?

I frequently received questions from non-IT friends on how to do certain things with their media center, their phone or computer. Since I don't always have time to explain everything in detail or drop by their house to fix their issue, I started this blog.
I will keep you informed about the goings-on of Home Theatre systems, movie/tv/multimedia subjects, life hacks (aka: IT tips & tricks) and the occasional must-have mobile app.


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  1. Nice article on htpc.
    I am very interested on how to play telenet/belgacom tv without decoder. Will this come in your next article?

    1. Hi Dominiek, yes this will most certainly be discussed in my next article. Sorry for the long wait, I haven’t had time to write new stuff 🙂

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